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Bump envy

June 26, 2009

I’m not sure if that’s like penis envy or what, but I want one. Bump of my friend Jessica Cutler (married name: Rubio).


Pregnant during the recession: Deborah Siegel

June 13, 2009

I love this Recessionwire piece by Deborah Siegel:

After the initial chortles of glee, I sobered up. Marco is unemployed at 47. I’m 40 years old. We live in 650 square feet. And we are having twins. Soon. Time to lower the price on our apartment—which we had already put on the market in the hope that our family would one day expand. Time to start swimming to get in shape. Time to start worrying, for real now, about that practical of all practicalities: money, and particularly, money for childcare, because I’m intent on continuing my writing career. If ever there was a time for leaping and hoping the bridge will appear, I think you could say we’re there. Right up against the edge of the cliff. Or rather, more accurately, mid-air.

And yet. Beneath thick layers of anxiety, I find that I’m a very pregnant optimist. With my man unemployed and me acting as primary breadwinner for the moment, what an interesting experiment this could be for our gender relations, thought the feminist in me. The “logical” thing might be for Marco to join the newly expanding ranks of Stay-at-Home-Dads, and for me continue to work fulltime. I am, after all, beginning to write a book about a new generation of men, plus I’m equipped to bring in the dough.

But here’s the thing: feminist or not, I don’t want to miss out on the babies. Unexpectedly strong mommy impulse trumps Vulcan logic. And Marco’s not ready to miss out on his career. He wants to keep being a creative, whether outside or inside the home, something I entirely understand. After two or three decades of “becoming,” neither one of us wants to let our professional faculties go dormant. What a Solomon-like decision that would be.

If there’s a hot topless man with a tiny baby, I’m so there

June 12, 2009

Okay, so there are other reasons to go to this event…I am possibly doing a book trailer shoot that day, but we shall see.

Via the blog Women, Girls, Ladies

With a 5-week-old

June 9, 2009

And two writers I know, Deborah Siegel and Anna Lappé, are pregnant. Feels like everyone’s pregnant.

Isn’t Rocco adorable? He’s 5 weeks old. I bought him a t-shirt from WilloToons that says “eat. sleep. rock. repeat.” I look dreadful though – am hitting the gym ASAP.